Sansa Clip 1GB Fully Charged wont turn on.

Hello My clip is full charged and wont power on. I can only get to power on when it is plugged directly into the AC wall adapter. When I plug into my computer it recognizes it and everything. Basically, everything is normal it just wont power on when nothing is plugged into it. I tried the 15-20 second soft reset. no luck. any help would be great…

i am running the newest firmware as well.

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Try doing a “reset all” from the Settings menu.  Most likely you have a bad Clip, though.

Thanks…Tried that but wont work…

**bleep**!!! I liked my clip too!!!

anyone else have this problem and get it to work again?

I just cant give up, because the darn thing powers on when plugged into the the wall!..

I know there’s some other thread (not sure if it’s a Clip thread) where it was discussed whether this problem could be caused by a bad battery (would a bad battery prevent the Clip from turning on when getting external power?), or whether it’s just bad internal circuitry in general.  Anyway, sounds like you’ve tried everything.  Either it’s still under warranty, or you’re bummin’.  :frowning:

Wire connections to the Clip’s battery have been known to come undone.  It can be fixed by resoldering (or using conductive epoxy), but that means getting into your Clip.