Sansa 8GB Clip not recognized in My Computer......

OK so I just got this thing today and I plugged it up to my computer to charge before I did anything else to it. About 6 hours later I checked it and it wasn’t fully charged but I decided to check a few things anyway. I clicked on “My Computer” and it was not recognized there. So I tried all my usb ports and that was a no go too. Then I had my Husband try it with his computer and it wasn’t recognized in “My Computer” but it is recognized in the device manager. So what am I missing? I read the little book that came with the thing and it didn’t say anything about needing software and all I got with it was a free trial rhapsody (sp?) mini disc. So someone please help the dummy! All I wanna do is have some music to listen to while I clean house and something to drown out the complaining of the people I work with!!!

Thank in Advanced BTW!

ok so I figured out the problem. I just needed to upgrade my wmp to the correct version. I was still using v.9  Anyway sorry to bother anyone.

The other thing you can do is, set Settings/USB to MSC mode–no WMP needed there.