Sandisk's SCAM

It’s a really simple yet effective scam! You buy one of their premium SD cards and it becomes corrupted about two weeks later after use in a DSLR camera–a camera which has never corrupted another SD card in 3+ years. Replacing the card entirely under warranty wasn’t an option since I was on a trip in Ireland at the time and didn’t want to lose my 600+ photos I had taken thus far. So I tried a couple data recovery tools I already had–no cigar. I download a TRIAL version of Sandisk’s Recue Pro data recovery utility and low and behold it works! Ahhh, but wait…it only recovers the first 50 files and shows you that they can in fact be recovered, but ONLY with the full paid version of the program, which is $50. BUT WAIT!!  That’s only for a ONE YEAR license! So hey, if another Sandisk card fails on you 12 months and one day later, guess what? You have to hand over another $50.

So to recap: Buying a premium Sandisk Extreme HD sd card doesn’t guarantee that it won’t fail on you almost immediately. That’s fine, technology sometimes fails, I can understand that. But to CHARGE the customer for the program to recover your data from said failed sd card is borderline criminal in my book. Rescue Pro should be FREE and/or recovery of your data from a failed card should be performed FREELY by Sandisk themselves. This is absolutely unacceptable on every possible level, and it is for this reason alone that I will never EVER purchase another Sandisk product.

Sandisk = FAIL.

I have ver 3 of the rescue program. Don’t remember anything saying it was good for 1 year.

I bought it several years ago. Needed it because of my own stupid moves.  I had deleted photos/vids of our grand-daughter. Got them all back. The price was worth it.

The “standard” version of the Sandisk Rescuepro software is only good for 1 year, which is utterly criminal in my book.

Don’t take my word for it:

But the bigger point here is that IT SHOULD BE FREE!!!  You’re delusional if you think it’s okay for an SD card manufacturer to not honor their warranty and force you to PAY for software to recover data from their defective, corrupted hardware. It’s absurd.

JohnS wrote: You’re delusional if you think it’s okay for an SD card manufacturer to not honor their warranty and force you to PAY for software to recover data from their defective, corrupted hardware. It’s absurd.

Apparently you didn’t read my post correctly.   I CAUSED FILES TO BE DELETED!!!  Nothing defective about the card, in fact, I’m still using it.

I have a similar view.
When I tried to download the basic version it was going to take hours… Funnily enough the paid version RescuePro downloaded promptly and when tested proved to work and recovered corrupted files by the thousands so I paid the US$ 50.00 which when converted to my currency was slightly in excess of AU$ 80.00 for one years subscription.
I agree with another member that I was inclined to pay the money because the data recovery was important to me, the product seamed to work and the company has history, in this context I think people are venerable to exploitation and SanDisk is price gouging.

We all make choices on purchases, I paid an extortionary fee to recover my files and it sort of works…

The software makes a temporary file to rip the data to then when the task is completed the data is turned out to a RECOVERED folder. Great if you have the room on your primary drive usually C: , the free space has to be larger than the volume being recovered and then some as the RECOVERY folder can be located on any drive once you unearth the instructions on how to do so.

My complaint about this dog eared, tired, unintuitive, simple programme is that with common computers, commonly tablets and phones being made with small primary volumes the .RPRO.SCRATCH rip folder can’t be redirected onto a larger volume as can the RECOVERY folder. As we know most of our data goes onto the ever expanding EXPANSION SD card. Because the .RPRO.SCRATCH temp folder can’t be located at will this software is useless on all modern devices unless the SD card or the data being recovered from it is very small.

The reply for helpful Rico is that RescuePRO is unlikely to be modified to address this shortcoming any time soon.

So, buyer be ware, this software/app is unlikely to justify the money spent on it.