sandisk vs shuffle

Just to make things clear for me, i have a couple questions about any SanDisk mp3 player. Ive done much extensive research deciding whether to choose an iPod shuffle or any sandisk.

The Sandisk uses a memory chip to store songs right? So the amount of GB on a SD mp3 doesn’t really matter. You could store 1000 songs on one memory chip and just keep doing that? So does that mean you could have unlimited songs as long as you’ve got like…a whole bunch of memory cards?


All SanDisk mp3 players have an internal memory and an external memory card slot. For example, the latest Clip Zip model comes in both 4 & 8GB versions. So you can load up to 8GB of music on the player itself and also up to 32GB of music on a memory card for a (theorectic) total of 40GB. And yes, you can swap out different cards loaded with different music.

Additionallly the Zip has a color screen, so not only can you see, select and/or otherwise peruse your music library but you can also see the album (or cover) art. The Zip also has an FM radio with RDS technology. You don’t get any of this with the Shuffle.

Thanks for your feed back! The sandisk seems like a much greater choice