Sandisk usb 3 ultra 12gb falling apart

After using the usb for a couple of months I’ve notice that this little device tends to heat up very quick, to the point that the plastic starts to soften to bits and pieces starts to fall apart.

When leaving it in and transfering for as long as 10mins, the head just comes apart leaving the usb connector stuck in the usb port, which you will have to pull out with your nails or something

Just wondering, does this happen to everyone elses or is mine a defect



i think that its normal that this drive heats up a lot because of the small size but not to the point that its melting the plastic and falling off. so in that case i think that the drive is defective and needs to be replaced. 

to request a replacement you can contact the support directly

This is one of the worry of some Ultra Fit owners when they realized the heat generated by this USB stick.

Some said it generates excessive heat even when it is idling, and mine too, hence I always use with high caution (i.e. by regularly touch the metal part and let the heat transfers to my fingertip).