Sandisk usb 3.0 flash drive backup data

A week ago I format my flash drive because it couln’t take any videos longer than 4gb. The problem was that if I did this all my data on my usb would be deleted automatically so before I format my flash drive I backup my data onto my computer. The problem I’m having is that when I go to recover my backup data in my vault it’s telling me that my recovery password is incorrect even though it’s the same password I use all the time I’m asking for solutions?

a. SecureAccess only runs on the USB drive.

b. SecureAccess uses many things in determining it’s encryption algorithm.

c. If you want to reformat the drive, you need to backup the files inside the vault, not the vault.

d. Most drives larger than 32 GB I believe are formated as exFAT which supports files larger than 4 GB.

Maybe reformating the drive back to the format it was will help the vault files.

Maybe restoring the drive from the backkup you made before formating will help.

Keep us updated on what works for you.