Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 Goes To BSOD (Blue Screen)

I just buy an Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive and every time I put it in the PC goes to BSOD. I need help, I try a couple of things (elemental) but no good luck so far. I cant used.

Thanks for any help…

Maybe this will help:


I dont Know if this help, but its happen only with the Ultra USB, i insert other flash drives and the pc works fine.

The other flash drives USB 3.0 also?

The other ones are 2.0…

Sounds like your pc doesn’t support USB 3.0.

Another possibility, if you have never used a USB 3.0 drive before and your pc does support USB 3.0 it is possible the pc’s USB port’s contacts are oxidized and not connecting to the USB drive. Cleaning them with emery paper may help.