Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 32 GB only shows 29 GB


Because i must put an image on the USB drive i must have the full 32 GB of the drive availible.

But what i try i can only get 29 GB of free memory on the stick.

How can i solve this ?

  How can i solve this ?

Buy a larger drive is your only option.  While there may be 32G bytes on the drive formats add overhead which diminishes  the number available to most OSs.

No way. This product line is truly defective. I bought half a dozen of these and three of them show less capacity. It is because of the heat issues mentioned in other posts. It is very irresponsible of SanDisk to keep this product on the market.

the capacity difference here is the OS calculation and has nothing to do with the heat issue. This drive does get warm but it is well within standards. also according to your other post this thread has nothing to do with your issue. Hijacking other threads is not helpful to anyone. 

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