Sandisk ultra secureaccess problem

Hi everyone!

i have a macbook pro that i just update with mac os catalina and since then i can’t have access to my files on my sandisk ultra usb flash drive… it won’t open the secureaccess v1 on catalina. 

i tried open it ona pc and don’t work to because the secure access instaled on the usb drive is a mac software.

how can i recover my files??

Thank you

Not a Mac person so can’t give specific help. 

But I suggest:

  1. you find a Mac with an old Catalina on it; library, coffee shop, university, and backup each of your files in SecureAccess.

  2. download the current SecureAccess Mac file, copy it to your flash drive, and install it while on a Mac.

Hopefully #2 doesn’t loose your files but if it does you will have backups.  If it doesn’t cause you to loose your SecureAccess files, you can rest knowing you have backups.