SanDisk Ultra SDHC - I class 6 - 8 GB 30MB/s* - FAKE ?


I have purchased two SanDisk Ultra SDHC - I class 6 - 8 GB at the photo fair -2012 here in mumbai, india. The product serial number on these cards is No. SDSDH-008G-U46.

However, i find no listing of this product on or on any other sellers page. It makes a bit suspicious if I have got fake cards on my hands. I may be totally wrong.

Any guidence would be greatly appreciated.


Anto Christy

sandisk does manufactuer the card you are referring to. it is a recent change so likely the website has not yet been updated. if you are concerned about authenticity download the following tool and test the card. if it passes you are good to go.

Me too, I bougth a 4 GB class 6 in my country, Indonesia… The product ID is SDSDH-004G-U46… Definitely, it is a SanDisk Ultra SDHC class 4 - 4 GB 15 MB/s product ID… Also have tried the software you said before, the writing speed is only 6.3 MB/s and the verify speed is only 6.9 MB/s… Based on the SanDisk website, is supposed to be 4MB/s in minimum and 30MB/s in maximum…