fake or genuine sandisk sd card from amazon.com

Amazon sells a “SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Card Up to 48MB/s […]” As I can see on the Sandisk product page, there isn’t listed an “ultra” labeled SDXC card with up to 48MB/s. Everything faster than 30MB/s is marked as Ultra Pro or Extreme. The product id is SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A, but I can’t find this exact id on the Sandisk product page. At this point I’m really confused - does Amazon sell fake sd cards from Sandisk?



Sure, Amazon takes your money for fake SanDisk cards. If it’s “Sold by FlyByNightNeverHeardOfEm” then who knows where that company acquired the product, whether or not it’s “fulfilled by Amazon”. You’re safer buying something “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” (the link you provided),  or “Sold by WellKnownVendor”.

As for SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A, I had the same confusion. SanDisk’s site doesn’t mention an SDSDQUAN product line, only  SDSQUA for the Ultra SD line. But if you trust “deponia” on the forums, in another thread he or she wrote:

The SDSDQUAN is the newer version of the ultra card … I would suggest to buy the newer version in order to ensure that you have the new speed and firmware of the card.

The -064G- represents the memory of the card. I think -G4A on the end may represent a European version, or different packaging, or something. It is ridiculous that SanDisk’s site does not have a prominent “Part number decoder” link.

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Thank you for your answer.

A wrong/ not matching product id is the first sign for a counterfeight product. Maybe the sd card is genuine. But I’m not sure. And the SanDisk customer service would laugh at me, when I ask them to replace the same failed counterfeight sd card with a wrong product id. 

In the end, I bought a sd card from another brand.