SanDisk Ultra SD 64g Dirty

I have a SanDisk Ultra SD card 64g and it got marked as dirty. I have gone into CMD and run fsutil dirty query on the drive and it agrees it is dirty. Attempting to format invokes write-protection or failure. Using the chkdsk command does nothing. The system is exFat and write-protected so even if I could find the dirty bit in a hex editor, it would be a pain to change. The files are accessable only on the SD card, but cannot be copied, nor can anything else be copied ot the SD, deleted or moved. Using various programs like CCleaner’s Drive Wipe and such produced no results. Is there any way to revert the dirty marking on this SD card and render it usuable again?



Surely someone must know how to render this usuable again? Anyone?

I got the same issue.

64gb exFat turns into read-only.

can’t format, low level format doesn’t work.

the microsd is completely read-only.

Return it to your dealer or SanDisk. It’s defective.

Same problem… SECOND card in 2 months.  Is this a SanDisk issue?