Sandisk ultra plus performance

hi all :smiley:

1 week ago, i bought a 

  SSD Sandisk Ultra Plus 7 mm - 256 Go ( )

i puted it in my G75VW Asus Rog laptop

i got the latest firmware revision

So i wanted to check performance and i made a crystal disk mark TEST. Here is the résult i got 


i am really far from the performances i should have with this drive … any idea what is the problem ?

thanks ! :wink:

It looks like you have SATA 3Gb speed. I tried looking the spec up for your computer but even in the best spec sheet I can find it only mentions SATA for the storage connection. Some laptops, even high end, will only have SATA 3Gb controllers or even if they have SATA 6Gb sometimes 6Gb is disabled in the FW or they are using lower end SATA chipsets that will Max out around SATA 3Gb speed. You will need to find out exactly what SATA chipset is used on the MB and see what it MAX speed should be but from what I can see you are running in SATA 3Gb mode.

thanks a lot for you answer !

i will go check this out , coming back right after