SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I 128GB for MS surface pro 4

Hi everyone,

two weeks ago, after i bought this sd card, I formatted it to REFAT and plug into my surface pro .

But I don’t know why it just can save the small size files (around 10 MB), if this card saves some bigger than 10MB Files, those file will not be read again. I had tried to take this sd card to other PCs, even desktop or notebook with win7, win8, win10, and then format the sd card and save files for testing again and again. The same result will happen.

does the sd card has problem?

Remark: this sd card cannot format to NTFS, I also try to format it to NTFS with different PCs and different windows version.


in that case i recommend formatting the card on the default ExFat and see if the same issue applies also on the computer. 

if not then something is wrong with the surface. 

Why did you re-format it in the first place?

Sorry, this card formatted to ExFat, I took a mistake.