Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 Accessing problem on the Phone


The drive was working on the Phone and the PC properly. It was also working well with Blue Ray Disc player. 

Few days ago, I used it with Blue Ray disc player and then connected to the PC. When clicked “Open the documents” on Auto Play, it never opened the folders page directly. Instead the page with “Removable Disk Shortuct” opened. When clicked on the Shortcut, the folders page opened. This shortcut thing had never happened previously. 

The real problem came after I connected it to the Phone. The shortcut was not working. And neither any of the folder/files on the drive could be seen. 

So I formatted the drive on the Phone and prepared the new folders. 

Then I connected it to the PC. Again the folders could be accessed only after clicking on the Shortcut. 

But when reconnected the drive to the Phone, the same problem repeated. 

So I formatted the drive on the PC. Still the problem could not be solved. 


Real problem is that I can not access the folders/files on the Phone after using the drive with PC as the Shortcut does not work on the Phone. I can use the drive on Phone without problem until I connect it to the PC. Using it with PC there is no problem.

So, can anyone suggest how to overcome this problem? I could not figure out how/why access of the folders through Shortcut on the PC started.