SanDisk Ultra-Dual Drive Go 64GB not getting the advertised speed ?

Hi All,
I bought on Amazon 6:
Ultra-Dual Drive
Go 64GB
for USB Type-C devices an A Connections.
Up To 150MB/S
I am running windows 10 and 11 on my PCs.
I can not get these flash drives to go any faster than 38 MB/s
I wasted loads of time researching what the problem was.
I tried the Flash drives on a Linux Mint O/S
It was absolutely flying on there
200 MB/s
And it’s rated at 150MB/s.
I also inserted another Flash Drive, A Sandisk Extreme usb 3
and that did a write speed of 170 MB/s .
So there is nothing wrong with my PC !!
Anyway, to cut a long story that’s it!
How do I get these drives to deliver their advertised speed?
Do I need to download a drive?
Or just send them back to Amazon
For a refund?

If the drives work fine with Linux but not with Windows it seems the problem is not with the drives. Your Mint probably doesn’t have an AV running and the flash drive isn’t configured for safe removal like it is in Windows. Tweak your Windows settings then try it.

Thank you, for your advise, ed_p
I did try setting the settings in windows
Device Manager> Disk drives> USB SanDisk>Properties>Policies> Set at Best Performance
this did not make any difference.
There is an update to when I last posted.
under the same test conditions I removed the “SanDisk
Ultra-Dual Drive Go 64GB”
and inserted a USB 3 Corsair Voyager GTX
and got the speed I would expect from it.
I then removed that USB and inserted a “Sandisk Extreme USB 3”
and got the speed I would expect.
So, I would say categorially that windows 10 and windows 11
have a compatibility problem with only the “SanDisk Ultra-Dual Drive”
I did use CrystalDiskMark to do my tests, as well as using windows explorer!!
I am not sure where to take it from here?
Any other suggestions are most welcome?
I would rather fix the problem,
if I can, rather than return the USB 3 sticks to Amazon
for a refund.
Thank You…