Ultra dual usb 3.0 write speeds drop drastically after ~10 seconds

Just picked up a new SDDD2-032G-G46 and I’m getting 55MB/s write for only about 10 seconds then it drops drastically to somewhere between 10-20MB/s for the rest of the transfer. I have tried on 4 different Windows PCs all with up to date usb3.0 drivers. One Windows 7, two Windows 8.1 and one Windows 10. On all of these machines I have tried my pny 3.0 drive and it’s sustaining 120MB/s throughout the transfer on all of them, so it’s definitely something with this ultra dual. I have tried ntfs, exfat, and of course fat32. I have checked the drive for errors.  Read speeds are a sustained 125MB/sec. This happens whether it’s one large 1-3GB file or many 5-300MB files.

Well I’m gonna return this thing, I have usb2.0 drives that are this fast and Sandisk tech support just pulled the “well this drive doesn’t have an advertised write speed, so there’s nothing wrong”.

Not sure what happened to Sandisk, but this is the second product in the last few years I have bought from them that performed way below expectations.

Sandisk utilizes TLC Flash memory, and tlc memory have a poor write speed capability, and fail faster too, than the old and faster MLC Flash drive. Befor pay for TLC flash slow drive, See the susteined write speed in benchmarks across the the internet.

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