Extreme Go 64 GB USB 3.1 - slow read and write speed.

Hello everyone,

I just bought this pendrive, I tested how it works and speeds are very far away from 200mb and 150mb(especially write speed): Read about 130 mb/s, Write 35mb/s

I found some tests and reviews on internet and everyone gets higher speeds (close to advertised: read about 180mb/s, write about 130mb/s)

Of course I’m using usb 3.0 or usb 3.1 ports, I tried on 3 different computers (2 laptops and 1 desktop)

Beside that, drive works ok, also I formatted it in different filesystems, NTFS, fat, exfat etc… I changed nothing. Still slow write speed.

Is this drive faulty? Should I RMA it?

Kind regards,


did you format it before you tested the speed? if the speed was the same before formatting try contacting sandisk support and see if you can get an RMA. may be something wrong with the drive. 

No, I did not. It was formatted already. I tested it right out of the box and speed was low on the first test. I sent e-mail to support.