Slow write speeds for Sandisk Extreme 16gb USB 3.0

I had high hopes for this drive after seeing it highly ranked in various USB stick reviews; however, despite the read-speed being as good as I had hoped (at about 200 MB/s), the write-speed is much less than I would have expected, clocking in at about 50MB/s.

I performed these tests on Windows 8, both by copying over a single large file and simply viewing the speed information windows provided, and next by using the “Flash Bench” software. The laptop has an Intel i7, and both my ports are USB 3.0, HDD speed is 7400rpm.

I then tried formatting the drive as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, but in each case the speed did not improve.

Why is the write speed so slow?

Is your USB port configured for Performance or Quick Removal?

I tried setting optimize for performance in the USB policies in device manager, but the speed did not change at all.

Should I send this thing back?

I was thinking, are my speeds actually that bad: I did some tests with crystal disk mark to compare with the results in a review  here.

They get speeds like 195.7MB/s seq read and 61.65MB/s seq write, and they note that this is good. My speeds are actually more like 230MB/s seq read and 50 MB/s write, so it would seem not too far off theirs, and I think this test is reliable as it agrees with the 50MB/s I get for writing a file onto the disk etc.

Are other people getting write speeds much faster than 50MB/s when they copy a file onto the USB?

I should emphasise I have the 16gb model. It seems again from the review I posted above, that the write speed of the 32gb and 64gb versions is actually much quicker for some reason that the 16gb.

The larger capacity of the device means more nand chips are used. The more nanad chips used means more parallel writes can be done. This is why larger capacities have faster write speed. 

So has anyone here got the 16gb drive, and if so what speeds are you getting? comparable?

You are getting the correct speed. It is even listed on the package. 190 read 55 write. You are getting 50 the other 5 is likely due to USB overhead. 

recently i formatted it to another cluster size (data allocation unit size as windows puts it) bu forgot the out-of-the-box factory default cluster size. windows puts it on 8 kb default.

Was it 16 kB when it came out of the box? Can you guys please tell me if you have the exact thumbstick?

Thank you.