SanDisk Ultra Backup 8GB USB Unable to view copied files unless the originals remain on the PC HDD?

This might be me being stupid… but please humour me if I am because I’m not supertechie - but I’m backing up from my Hard Disk to the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Drive using ‘SanDisk Backup’ - If I leave copies of the files on my original PC Hard drive (the folder I am backing up from) then I am able to view the files on the Flash Drive.  If I delete the original files from the PC, I only have the option to restore files from the USB Flash Drive?

The whole point of having an external device is to take files from the PC and use elsewhere?  Is there a way to view the files from the USB drive without you needing to keep the original files on your PC?

What happens if you don’t use the ‘Backup’; just copy & paste them over to the flash drive?

mmm…not thought of that, although I’m not sure there was the option to copy & paste.  I’ve formatted the USB and I’m now trying SecureAccess application instead.  So far so good, although you have to manually double click each file to view and cannot scroll through them with the arrow key.  Also even though I have the SecureAccess manager loading on startup it doesn’t respond when I try and launch it either from start menu or system tray.  I have to double click the exe program file on the USB stick everytime I want to load it?    Nothing ideal at present I may have to go third party.  Might consider this (;pop)]Folder Lock

I’m not sure there was the option to copy & paste."

Are you using Windows?  Windows Explorer supports file/folder copy and pasting.

I have the SecureAccess manager loading on startup

SecureAccess can only be run from a flash drive.  Are you saying the flash drive is plugged in when you boot?

I’ve formatted the USB

Good luck.

I can copy and paste using SecureAccess - I didn’t try it on Sandisk Backup, I only used the backup feature.  Since then I formatted the USB and loaded SecureAccess which I’m reasonably happy with if you didn’t have to singularly double click every file you wanted to view.  It’s a minor gripe.

If you can only load SecureAccess from the flash drive is there any point to having SecureAccess Manager loading on startup because if not I’ll uninstall it.  Is there any purpose to SecureAccess Manager?  It doesn’t respond to any activation either from the system tray of the start menu.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m sorry, you did say SecureAccess MANAGER is part of your start up not SecureAccess.  The Manager is used to autostart SecureAccess on the USB drive when it is plugged in.

Sorry, it didn’t click when I first read it.