SanDisk Ultra 64GB ask me to format for GOPRO Hero 3 Black

Dear all

i have a GOPRO Hero 3 Black, i bought SanDisk Ultra 64GB and install it in the camera and took shots and video ,

now when i try to connect to a PC it askes me to Format the Drive which i dont want.

how can i take my files before or without  formatting ?

I have exactly the same issue I have tried several disk recovery programs with no luck,next is to send in to a data recovery company to try to retreive files. my gopro says no sd and my computer says that it is an unknown file system. i even downloaded a card formatter from sandisk and it does not recognize the card,it is a new card and i used it to video vacation I checked with a few data recovery companies and the best price was here in vancouver $250.00 if they can recover files and nothing if not. It is a lot of money but i really would like to have our vacation video

dear i found the solution to this problem, it is written on GOPRO site, 

normal windows will not read exFAT format which comes with the 64GB, so you will have to update the file formate system on windows site and it will work without even formatting your card.

try this link 

Hi, i just bought a hero 3 Black Edition, how does the SanDisk Ultra works with it? i reed that for the Black Edition its recommended the Extreme micro SD for the 4K, 2,7K y Protune video modes, in what mode do you use it?


I couldn’t get the sandisk 32gb ultra to work with the go-pro +3 black and use the extreme now as recomended by go-pro website.

I downloaded MaxDataGenius from and choosed “Formatted Scan” with the exFAT filesystem hooked. The results were really good.