GoPro 3 Hero Black


I wrote to support and told them, that my mini SD Extreme Pro card does not work in my GoPro 3 Hero Black Edition, but they had never heard about the problem before. So I send them this:

The card is placed in my GoPro Hero 3 Black and is skipping frames. When I import it into FCP frames are missing.

I read about other having the same problem here:

One guy wrote:

SD card fables:
1 - Gopro camera does not format the SD card, it only clear the index on the card.
2 - Class 10 card is not sufficient, I had some freezes, test the card writing speed on a USB3 PC and select a card with writing speed > 10MB/s

3 - The well know Sandisk class 10 UHS-1 cards are no good for reliable working, Their writing speed is little below 10MB/s
4 - Best card for Hero 3 black is Transend class 10 UHS-1 with writing speed of > 17MB/s

I have installed the latest firmware and formatted the card on a max and after that in camera, but it is still skipping frames. 

I have ordered a Transend. 

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Hey Claus,

Got the Extreme Pro 64 Gb and have exactly the same issue…

Did you solve your problem yet? 

I’ve tried to record with my GoPro hero 3 Black at 720p 120fps and get the anoying “skipping frame issue”.

I’ve heard that this happens when the card is not fast enough, and the writting is not done properly when recording. 

But the Extreme Pro is supposed to be fast enoughh, right?

I’ve used one of those benchmark tools to measure the card speed (on a card adapter straight onto the PC), and got this:

Writing speed: 34.6 MByte/s
Reading speed: 35.4 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Is this what the card should be achieving?

Let me know if you have any further info.



I bought a Sandisk Ultra 64GB with my Gopro 3 black in China. Since the recording of sound is out of phase with the image, and the image is not smooth, perhaps missing frames, I bought a Supreme PRO micro SD 64GB . Since the performance was still not good at all, I updated the camera firmware. The recording is strange. It appears to delay recording and is skipping frames, but this behaviour repeats identically every one (or two) seconds.

Testing both memories with adapter on a lapto with h2testw t I got 9MB/s for Ultra and 18MB/s for Supreme PRO for writing.  To be honest, after updating the camera firmware, the performance of the Ultra is much better than the Supreme Pro.

The question are:

Are there too many fakes Sandisk out there?

How adequate the Sandisk are for Gopro cameras?

Is Sandisk selling defectives memories cheaply instead of destroying them?

The Supreme Pro memory was bought at with a vendor called Silvio Saito.

I lost confidence for both Sandisk and Gopro. By extreme coincidence, Gopro 3 Black Edition has been badly regarded by many people. Silver Edition appears to be better. I also heard that Gopro does not accept big memories.