64Gb micro SD Extreme pro on GoProHero3 skips frames at 720p 120fps recordings?


I got the 64Gb extreme pro and have been trying to get some footage with my GoPro Hero 3 at 720p 120fps

It seems that the recording always skips a frame every once in a while…

Extremelly anoying…  

I’ve been reading that that’s a symptom of the card not being fast enough when the camera is writting to it .

The camera does not freeze, or anything (as some people have found)…

But the footage always skips frames

Benchmark results on the card say:

Writing speed: 34.6 MByte/s
Reading speed: 35.4 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Is this suppose to be fasc enough for the recording settings I’m attempting??

My go pro is brand new and updated with the latest firmware from the website.



Update on the issue:

It turns that the speed from the benchmark tool is limited by the fact that my card reader on the PC is hooked on the usb 2.0… 

After doing all the tests on the card and formatting it a few times, the issue does not happen anymore.

I reckon it was somehow fragmented (?) and the formatting fixed it maybe?