frame missing in flah disk while recording a video

he detail of flashes and my query is given below.

i have 2 flashes :

  1. sandisk Extreme iii

     compact flash

     30 MB/s

      16 GB

      Fixed model dosk

2)sandisk extreme pro

   compact flash

   90 MB/s


   16 GB

   Removeable model disk

i am using these flashes for video recording purpose. i record videos in these flashes through my processor i.e. “advantech Som 4481”. 

my issue is that when i record video in “sandisk Extreme iii”, video recording work fine when i check in my host system by using any player but when i use “sandisk extreme pro”, the video would have not recorded fine and there was missing or lost some frames. let say if i record 15 minutes video, it only shows 12 minutes video only.

i don’t know why it create problem in other flash ?

yes, i have formatted flash and also use another sample but issue remains same.

although my target system in which video’s is recording , the CPU usage is normal.


kindly, help me where i am getting problem ? 



:smiley:   Hola, Sarfaraz

Estimado Usuario

A ver si interpreté bien tu problema: me dices que tienes dos UFD Compact Flash de 16 GB,  y una no funciona como debiera.


Cómo tú, no me dices “el peso del video”, del cual se recortan minutos y “frames”, yo intuyo, en primer lugar, que como formateaste en FAT32 (Sandisk Extreme Pro, Compact Flash), podría ser que el “peso del video”, que haz puesto en esta tarjeta, sea mayor a 4 GB, superando el límite de tamaño por archivo, que establece el Protocolo de FAT32.


Pero, si el peso del archivo de video, es menor de 4 GB, y en la Sandisk Extreme lll Compact Flash anda bien, y el mismo archivo, en la Sandisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash anda mal, devuelve a esta última por defectuosa.




Saludos, Alfred.



:smiley:   Hi, Sarfaraz


Dear User

Let’s see, if I interpret your problem: you say you have two UFD of 16 GB Compact Flash, and one does not work as it should.

As you, not say “the weight of the video”, of which are cut, minutes and “frames”, I suspect, first, that is formatted in FAT32 (Sandisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash), and could be that the “the weight of the video”, you’ve put into this card, is greater than 4 GB, exceeding the size limit per file, which sets the Protocol of FAT32.

But, if “the weight of the video” is less than 4GB, and on the Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash is well, and the same file on the Sandisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash is wrong, r_eturns to the latter by defective._



Regards, Alfred.                                                                                     (Google translated)

THANKS Alfred .

 "the weight of the video is less then 4 GB,  i think there is not size linitation issue . because my 15-20 minutes video takes approximnately 2 GB size or less then it.  and second thing is that frame are missing when video shows 13 minutes recording. because when i checked frame by frame in playes by (Ctrl+G)  then vedio jump to forward 5-6 second usually after few minutes and frame missed in between these 5-6 second period. but same vedio when i play back using sandisk Extreme iii, it work fine without any frame missing. so, what cause of frame missing by Extreme pro ? and how this issue would be resolved ?  


Hello Alfred , 

here is a further detail about my query:

i have an application code in my processor card that recording two video channel through DVP encoder card, these videos record in “SanDisk Extreme iii” flash card  which has a Fixed Disk Model. that work fine, but problem occurred when i am recording in another Flash card i.e “Sandisk Extreme Pro”  which has Re moveable Disk Mode of UDMA 6.

basically compression is performed through my hardware (encoder card) by using technique H.264/mpeg4.

but same recording is going fine with no information lost in “sandisk Extreme iii flash” . but same video when record

in “sandisk extreme pro” it losses some frames. although i have also recorded in  UDMA6 “apro” flash. that’s also work fine. but i don’t know why it create problem in " extreme pro". 

i don’t think so,there is further compression required. because encoder card already compress the video by these settings like in my application code :


VideoConfig.compressmode     =    Mpeg4;
            VideoConfig.mpeg4mode        =    Microsoft; //Microsoft;
            VideoConfig.sequence        =    IP_frame;
            VideoConfig.videostandard    =    NTSC_M;
            VideoConfig.framerate        =    NTSC2997fps;
            VideoConfig.resolution        =    NTSC720480;
            VideoConfig.bitrate            =    BPS4M;


AudioConfig.Format = PCM;            //ADPCM
            AudioConfig.SampleRate = SAMPLERATE_48K; //SAMPLERATE_48K
            AudioConfig.Channels = CHANNEL_MONO; //CHANNEL_STEREO
            AudioConfig.SampleBits = SAMPLE_8BIT; //SAMPLE_4BIT 


i think these all infornation might me resolve my problem, hope so far :slight_smile:


:smiley:    ¡Hola Sarfaraz!

Bueno, como ya te dije, en la segunda parte de mi respuesta anterior, para mí, el problema no es del “archivo de video”, sino de la “Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash” (UFD 2).

-Si el “archivo de video”, anda bien en la ‘Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash’ (UFD 1).
-Si el “archivo de video”, anda bien en la PC.
-Si el “archivo de video”, anda bien en cualquier UFD (de alta velocidad). ¿Ya hiciste la prueba?
=> Esto significa: que la ‘Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash’ (UFD 2), está defectuosa.

Entonces, por favor, haremos las siguientes pruebas:

1- Pon la “Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash” (UFD 2), en la PC, con un buen adaptador (NO un lector, ojo), de alta calidad (es decir SanDisk).
2- Graba en ella, cualquier “archivo de video”, que tengas en la PC, que ande bien, para ver qué pasa.
3- También, en Inicio/“Mi PC”, en el ícono de la tarjeta, haz clic con el botón derecho del ratón, y luego, en Propiedades/Herramientas/Comprobación y Reparación de errores.
4- Si todo esto, no solucionó el problema, ver, en el Servicio Técnico de SanDisk, cómo devolver la UFD 2.

Saludos, Alfred.

:smiley:   Hello Sarfaraz!

Well, as I said i_n the second part of my previous answer_, for me, the problem is not the " video file",   is the ’ Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash ’ (UFD 2).

Let’s see:
- If the “video file” is well, in the “Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash” (UFD 1).
- If the “video file” is wel_l, on your PC.
- If the “video file” i_s well
, in any UFD (of high speed). Have you done the test?

=> This means, that the “Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash” (UFD 2), is defective.

So, please, do the following tests:

1- Put the “Sandisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash” (UFD 2), on the PC, with a good adapter (_ NOT a reader, eye_), of high quality (ie, SanDisk ).
2- Record in it, any “video file”,  which have in the PC, that walks well, see what happens.
3- Also, in Start/ “My Computer” , in  icon on the card, click the right mouse button, and then, click Properties/Tools/Error Checking and Repair.
4- If all this, did not solve the problem, see, in the Technical Support of SanDisk, as returning the UFD 2.

Enjoy !

Regards, Alfred .                                                   (Google translated)