Sandisk Ultra 16gb SDHC I 30mb/s card

Hi. Bought this and Sandisk support says its a legitimate card but the read/write speeds arent close to it being 30mb/s. Using h2test i get write speeds of 6-7mb/s(using big files) and using flash memory toolkit it says under 19mb/s for read and under 17mb/s write. Im thinking h2test is more accurate as thats the same speed I get when i manually drag and drop a file into it to test it. Is there anyway to speed up the card? Granted Im using a old(+4 years) card reader bur Ive also formatted it a few times(currently fat32) and even used Sandisks sdformat tool. Any help would be great, thanks! Oh and is fat32 best for this kind of memory card or is ntfs better?

That looks correct for this type of card; it’s about the same I was getting from the one I bought (and a 60% slower than the first 16GB Sandisk MicroSDHC card 3 years ago). You have my results in my post “MicroSDHC Mobile Ultra 16GB red and gray performanc​e”.

It looks like it’s not possible to get any further speed out of these cards with an USB 2.0 reader (on their initial release at least, as these cards keep changing in my experience, and future batches might be different).

Memoryval mentioned they would do some benchmarking using a USB 3.0 reader on a recent post as well. Hopefully that’ll make things better, though I’m guessing only the read speed can improve, as that’s where the card is reaching my reader’s cap. The reader is capable of much higher write speeds than that.

Umm no this is a regular full size sdhc i card though. not a micro but I do think its my card reader.

Oops, I misread the subject of your post :smiley: As you say, it could just be the reader reaching its limit, unless you’re getting higher write speeds with other SDHC cards. If this is a SDHC then I have no comparison base for it myself.

it depends on what type of reader you are using. this is a UHS-I card. to get the full speed you will need a USH reader. the only 2 sandisk make are linked below. If you are using a regular USB reader the speed you get is correct.…