Sandisk Extreme Plus microSDHC UHS-I Card 32 GB with adaptor not getting speeds as advertised

Just bought Sandisk Extreme Plus microSDHC UHS-I Card 32 GB. Says speeds up to 80MB/sec. I am lucky if I see 30mb/sec and that is peak, right now it is transferring at 6mb/sec, that is on my laptop. I will try other devices and update, but this seems a bit slow. I am using the adaptor it came with, with the built in reader on a Lenovo Laptop. Now up to 17 MB/sec in Windows 8.1. Is there anything I can do to get even close to the advertised speeds?

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James Campbell

OK, maybe it is just that reader, new HP laptop also built in reader, reading at 40 - 87mb/sec and writing arfound 67 mb/sec so exceeding advertised reading

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Ok! Congratulations, by the clarity of the message, and the way to solve the problem.
As you say, then, is the internal card-reader from Lenovo.
Therefore, upgrading only the driver of the card-reader, and see what happens.

Enjoy, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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