SanDisk SSD Plus 1000GB S.M.A.R.T tests not running - why?


I’m running Windows 8.1 with the SSD Plus as boot drive.

Windows event viewer shows lots of error messages:

“Bad block with device\Harddisk0\DR0”

SanDisk SSD Dashboard does not show any problems, but when I try to start the short or extended S.M.A.R.T. diagnose tests both fail (i.e. the test itself fails - not the disk).

As I’m a bit worried by the Windows event writer messages, what should I do next?


same problem here…but worst

if sandisk did not present a solution…sandisk never again

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I have a Windows 10 setup using a Sandisk SSD Plus 1000GB drive. Was working fine up until a few days ago when my start menu became unresponsive. During testing to correct that it seems the SSD (my primary drive) has errors that aren’t reported but can’t be repaired by windows and when I run the SMART tests (short or long) they start but then come back with the smart test failed, no error number. I can’t seem to use the direct help chat in the SSD Tools either.

I’m having somewhat similar symptoms, starting with error msgs from Acronis TrueImage backups and proceeding to a cascade of other symptoms. When I downloaded the Sandisk appand ran the SMART tests, both failed with no error msg.
My question if you happen to read this - when you mention Windows couldn’t repair were you using CHKDSK to attempt repair? I’m about to try that but may not if it failed for you. Thx.

I’m having the same problem 1-22-2022. My Dashboard ver is, I have 2 Sandisk ultra 3D 1TB SSD that failed S.M.A.R.T with 1 sec. of running the short and long test.

Is there no one from Western Digital that respond to this Forum? This problem has been mentioned 2 years ago. Do they care about this problem on brand new SSDs?

The short answer from W, today, is Dash Board is incompatible with win 7. It only works with win 10.