Sandisk Secure Access V3 freezes when starting up

I have been using the Sandisk Secure Access V3 for a few years now. Most of the time it works fine but around 1 in 10 times, when I click to open the file it just seems to freeze with this on screen (see attached picture).

I have tried renaming the .exe file, closing it and trying again but the only thing that seems to work is restarting my PC. This can be a pain as it means I have to save and close everything. Do you have any suggestions to fix this without shutting down?



have you tried ending the process in task manager and relaunching the app?

Hi, yes I have tried ending the process in task manager. When I relaunch it, the same thing happens, it just freezes with the picture above showing

Sounds like it’s conflicting with some other Windows app you have running.