Sandisk Secure Access suddenly doesn't work properly !

Hi all,

 I have a sandisk ultra USB 3.0 stick with secure access V3 installed. I’ve got multiple important text files secured on this stick and now it’s giving me errors. 

Whenever I enter my password, I end up in the directory listing just fine, but when I try to open a text file from the drive, sandisk secure access gives the following message :  the application can not open it because it can not find any editors for this type of file.  

We are talking about a regular .txt file, and YES, I am opening .txt files all the time on my machine in notepad. (win 10). 

I can also not drag and drop files onto the secure part of the drive anymore for same reason. Now the  only way of getting a text file off the drive is by right clicking, selecting copy, and then selecting paste in order to put it on the desktop. If I do this, the .txt file opens without problems.

This is pretty annoying, since it always worked. Anyone have any idea what is causing these issues ?


Actually, IMO, it sounds quite normal to me.  I have no idea how you were able to access files previously without doing that.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary recently or upgrade SecureAccess recently?

What version of SecureAccess are you running?

Thanks for your reply Ed … 

Yes, I was able to just read from the USB drive by clicking the textfile. It would just open in notepad. I didn’t have to first copy it to my desktop. It let me do this on windows 7 professional. 

Then I upgraded (with a clean install) to windows 10 professional and it still let me do this. Untill two days ago … Reason : unknown, as nothing changed on my machine whatsover …


And I forgot to mention : I am using secure access V3 … I checked for updates and there were none, so I take it that this is the latest version.

Well LexG it sounds as if before you were storing your files on the flash drive outside of SecureAccess, which is perfectly reasonable to do and if you clicked on them they would indeed open to be viewed, and updated.  They just weren’t secured.

If you are storing them in SecureAccess as you say they are now secure, but to access them you have to copy them to a place outside of SecureAccess.  And that outside place can be on the flash drive so that they are easily accessible and transportable.  But if you’re concerned about their security be sure to delete them before removing the flash drive. The SecureAccess version will still be there.

Inconvenient, maybe, but so is finding your keys before opening your front door when you’ve been away.



With all due respect … I am no dummy, so don’t make it as if I am …
I was entering my password in order to get into the secure files viewer and THEN I could still open text files from there. If you think this is ‘impossible’, then say you don’t know how this is possible, instead of saying it was otherwise. I’ve done it a million times. 

I am fully aware that I can use the flash drive ‘outside’ of secure access …  However, maybe you have difficulty picturing what I mean, which is actually the least of my concern …


If you think this is ‘impossible’, then say you don’t know how this is possible,

I don’t know how that was possible.  I am unaware of any version of SecureAccess that works that way.

However, maybe you have difficulty picturing what I mean

I have difficulty picturing why you’re posting to the SanDisk User group forum rather than to the SanDisk Support site.