SanDisk SDMX1 1024R Problem - Frozen Hourglass Loading Screen


   I couldn’t find the correct forum for my MP3 player… ( It’s rather old, but I do love it. ) … so I apologize if I did not see the correct forum.

   My SanDisk 1024R (Model Number SDMX1) is currently giving me a hard time after years of working quite well.  One day while playing, it simply decides to freeze up.  I remove the battery in it, attempt to reload, and all the player wishes to do is stay at the hourglass loading screen.  I’ve attempted to wait 30+ seconds for it to load… no luck.  I’ve also removed the battery and let it sit for an hour.  I cannot access any of my MP3 files through the computer to reformat it due to the fact it stays on the “I"m loading” hourglass mode even when I use the USB cable to connect to the computer…

  Any idea’s?  Thank you.

I am having the same problem. Nothing’s working (battery removal, reformatting, etc.)  Can someone help us out? I’m not ready to figure out what to upgrade to yet!