sandisk sansa fuze 8gb refurb or new? reply before september 7th

ok i decided i want the fuze but i don’t know which to get. refurb or new? i need the anwser before september 7th or before.

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A new one will have a year-long warranty, a pretty face and no one else’s leftovers on it.

A refurb will have no warranty (maybe a few days from the seller), may not look new and may have hardware problems you can’t see. 

Type “refurb” into that search box up on the left and you’ll see what can happen. 

You might save $10-20 on the refurb. But I think it’s worth spending a little extra to know that you’ll get at least a year’s use out of it–and probably much more. 

When you get the new one, take a few moments to upgrade the firmware. A lot of improvements have been made to what’s in the box. 

A refurb probably has a greater chance of being a v1, and therefore can be used with rockbox.  That’s the only reason I can see to get a refurb if the price difference isn’t huge.

thanks i’ll get a new one somewhere cheap and trusted like amazon or maybe ebay if returns are accepted.

by the way do the videos on the fuze show nicely?

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