Sandisk ReadyCache in SSD + HDD configuration

I have Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB as system drive c: and 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint 7200 rpm HDD as D: drive.

I am using Samsung 840 EVO in rapid mode (Rapid mode uses slice of RAM as very fast cache) and drive c is already really fast.

Where I need ReadyCache is mostly to accelerate drive d: HDD, it is not necessarily to accelerete c: drive which is already fast enough.

I read Ready´Cache install manual and there is no way to determinate which drive is accelerated.

Can I install ReadyCache drive and software despite I already have SSD as c: drive and does ReadyCache skip c: drive acceleration and focus on only accelerating mechanical d: drive ?

Or is it impossible use ReadyCache at all in my configuration ?

Will there be conflict with Samsung Rapid mode acceleration if I install ReadyCache drive to my system ?

Other option would be using Sandisk 32 GB drive in Intel ISRT mode where you can choose option which drive is accelerated.

Only problem is that my Windows 8.1 is installed in AHCI mode and ISRT requires RAID mode to work and I am not sure if TRIM works in RAID mode at all.

My motherboard is Asus P8Z68V Pro.

If I install ReadyCache in AHCI mode (current) my configuration would be Samsung SSD + Sandisk readyCache + Samsung Spinpoint HDD.

Does ReadyCache software automatically detect that drive c: is already SSD and it wont cache it all ?

Many question, I already than you for good answers


(not an expert. Not a Sandisk employee)

EC doesn’t have that feature. If you are comfortable at playing around with your pc then you can perhaps try “other” caching agents which may be able to do what you are trying to do. I am not going to mention names like “Primo Cache” since sandisk might not like that. Sorry about that. You would have to find those caching software on your own.

However, if you do end up finding any of these software and you end up making it work… feel free to post your experience… if you’d like.

C’m on…tell me example software capable of doing that. I already tried Sandisk readyCache drive in ISRT and RAID mode but it was slower than HDD only !!! Dont recommend ISRT with Sandisk drive…it needs to be Intel Larson Creek drive to work faster than HDD only. larson Creek have SLC type memory what it needs to be to work correctly

This configuration is supported. All SSD on the SATA bus will be ignored but any HDD on the SATA bus will be cached. 

I tried it but i didnt notice performance boost in hard drive. I tried test softwares like AS SSD and crystal disk mark. Is it possible that those test softwares skip cache and measure only raw HDD read and write speeds ?

Benchmarking will not show any improvement. The cache is based off LBA usage. Only LBAs that are used in a high frequency will be cached to the RC SSD. 

I tried ECCmd -EXCLUDE C command and it didnt return error message. Maybe C-drive is now out ?

Unofficial tweak but maybe it now works like i want it ? hope next software version gives choice to choose partitions and disks you want ot be cached

Yeah…i dont see activity in cumulative read line (blue) when i use softwares which are installed on c-drive.

My cache drive has reached 24 Gbytes and it seems not to rise above that, there is still 5 Gigabytes free space.

I am now using cache drive as a cache for games like BF4 maps, and i activate cache only when playing.My maps load now much faster, I bought it as a games cache.

My games are installed on mechanical HDD drive D:.

But if I activate caching and when tehre is 24 Gigabytes stuff on readycache drive, my boot freezes at least 10 seconds and then continues. In windows 8 screen, when dots are rolling a circle.

Is it a software bug and will it be fixed ?

like 24 Gigs wall …hard to get above it

I had to disconnect my Sandisk Ready cache drive, my computer started crashing and reset the cache almost daily. Without ReadyCache drive everything works stable. Any tips could help ?