Cache only certain drives?

 OK, I have an ssd and a HDD. I ordered readycache just for the HDD. But now looking in further, it seems it caches everything. My main SSD is faster then the readycache.

So is there a way I can make my ready cache Cache ONLY my HDD?


as far as i know the ready cache works only for the main system drive and if in that case is an ssd already there is no point to use a ready cache also, because as you saw there is no speed difference.

the ready cache stores the files that are mostly used and in most of the cases they are the system files.

By default ready cache caches every visible hdd partition and not only the system drive, except for removable drives (at least as announced in latest versions). While ago, there was also a post in this forum indicating that it shouldn’t cache a faster ssd if found.

Either way, you have a non documented way of further excluding cached drives. Just open an admin prompt and type:

eccmd -exclude (DriveLetter)

Such as “eccmd -exclude c:” for your SSD, or any other other visible partition with a drive letter. If you try to exclude a drive that’s already excluded, it might spit a phony error such as “You do not have enough privilege to run this program. **ERROR** ECCmd exited with error 0x5 (5)”.

When using a separate partition for downloads, this can be very useful to exclude it. Torrents cause a lot caching due to repeated hdd access, and end up taking a lot of space on the cache SSD that could be put to better use. After excluding such drive letter, I’ve seen readycache immediately releasing more than 6GB of space.

eccmd -clearexclusions

This will reset all exclusions to defaults.