raid 0 and readycache

hi guys 

         can you run a raid 0 array in conjunction with a sandisk readycache ? … what drive will it use for caching or would it use both ( since raid 0 is stripping and essentially has windows installed on both drives ) 

          ive been thinking about this and i cant think how it would work … ?

it will work with RAID as liong as it is not part of the RAID. the caching software is LBA based and caches the LBA based off of frequency of read IO requests. 

  1. If this is hardware based RAID (not Windows RAID using dynamic disk) ReadyCache will cache the data. ReadyCache does not support Windows Dynamic Disks.

2.  If SSDs in a RAID arrary then this will not work as ReadyCache validates the SSD and when  SSD is in a RAID configuration, the RAID does not send back the proper device identify data back to the system . This means ReadyCache device verification  will fail so no caching as the result.   

I am using readycache on a Raid 1 system (mirroring) and works fine for some months now.

My motherboard is the Intel DQ57TM and I have 2 seagate hard disks on raid 1, the sandisk ssd and an other ssd where I store the system page file and windows indexing file.

The system boots much faster and apps start faster. However do not expect to see the performance of an SSD as they claim on sandisk product website ("…SanDisk ReadyCache SSD lets you experience SSD-level performance…")