Using the ReadyCache with Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

I have just upgraded to Win8 and the ReadyCached doesn’t seem to be working.  My motherboard supports Intels Rapid Storage Technology (RST), so I’m thinking about turning thie ReadyCache into a regular SSD.  How would I do this?  Do I just reformat the ReadyCache, enable RAID in BIOS, and then hope for the best?

you can use the drive as a normal SSD all you need to do is to reformat it. no need for RAID really it can work in any mode AHCI IDE or RAID. Intel Rapid storage technology is the SATA driver. currently Intel RST 11.6 does not wirk with the Expresscache software but that is suppose to be resolved in the next software update. 

It seems that RAID is required.  I used the wrong Intel product; I should have said Intel Smart Response instead.  I did find out that the ExpressCache is compatible with Win8, so I’m less excited to try this.

Intel Rapid Software was working  with ReadyChache/Expresscache for a 3 or 4 starts of windows 7 x64 and then it stopped to work until I disconnect Sandisk Readycache from SATA port. I’ve got RAID-5 + non raid Sandisk. How can I use it with my configuration. I tried everything I could but it’s like a lottery. Some technical support/ info for me?

Thank you in advance

Any Ideas?I upgraded Intel Rapid software to 12.5 and still the same situation. Your product is not connected to my computer lying on my desk for few months. When Windows is finishing to load a system everything freezes until I disconnect on the fly ReadyCache from SATA. It looks like there was some kind of cinflict during loading data (although ReadyCache was empty this time). Are there any support thoughts from you? I bought it and cannot use it… RAID-5 with three HDD, if system is loaded (somehow) Intel Rapid software recognizes it as a non raid hdd which is ok.

if the system is freezing anytime the readycache ssd is connected you may have a bad SSD. have you tried the ssd without the Expresscache software installed? 

I guess it is not this problem, but worth checking. Do I only uninstall ready cache software and it becomes SSD drive?

the readycache ssd is just a normal ssd. uninstall the ExpressCache software and see if you are still seeing the issue. 

For me, its listed as Sandisk Milpitas SSD in Device Manager. It has 0 space at all.

How can I just use it as a storage device? 

The SSD is currently loaded in an ODD->HDD caddy replaceing the dvd drive of my laptop.

This SSD can be formatted partitioned and used the same as any other SSD. if you are going to use the ExpressCache software, ExpressCache will partition and format the SSD during installation. 

how is the SSD showing is disk management? Can you crteate a partition and format the SSD? If not there is probably something wrong with it and it would need to be replaced.