Sandisk problem?

i got a sandisk ssd. and since first day i got it i  kept getting problems. even in game fps drops. then i decided to get a secondary ssd which is the highest on the market (samsung evo 970 1tb m.2) i formatted my pc. and still the same. becuz my windows seems to be in sandisk ssd (which isnt in it) but my windows is in samsung not in sandisk. sandisk looks completely empty. but when i try to change my boot priority to samsung it doesnt work. when i try to remove sandisk from my pc my windows wont open. its like a cancer cell. its like “if im going down im gonna take u b*tch with me u sonovabiatch!11”.

so long story short, for sake of all humanity please stop making ssd’s or any computer related stuff. 

ps: dont tell me to send it to warranty or sth. i already did. twice!

pps: btw if this thread doesnt gets deleted by the admins ill send a video which im burning that stupid ssd via gasoline. thanks.

kind regards.


honestly it sounds like you have more issues than just the ssd. I have several SanDisk SSD and could not be happier. 

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