Sandisk player for a 95,000 track, 550GB mp3 collection?

I’m looking for an MP3 player which will accommodate a very large MP3 collection (95,000 tracks, 550GB in size). Ideally I’d like something that can do a random shuffle play of all 95,000 tracks (!). Does anyone know of a player that can handle this?

Maybe consider using the 400 gb micro sd card from SanDisk with the Clip Sport or Clip+ mp3 players ?

Random shuffle play may be possible using one “mega” Playlist ??
400 gb micro sd.jpg

Many thanks for the recommendation. Does anyone know what the maximum number of tracks is for this player? (not much point buying a 400GB card if it will only handle 10,000 tracks!)

Maximum tracks for the Clip Sport is 4000.  Not real useful, is it?

I’m sorry. Is there a player from Sandisk who can handle more than 10.000 files in a playlist? Thanks in advance.