No Genre Option?

I gave my wife this MP3 player for Christmas to replace a Sandisk Clip she’s used for years, primarily so she could use her Bluetooth earbuds. Was I surprised to find the Sport does not have an option to play songs by Genre, since th Clip had this option.

While I was a bit disappointed that the Sport can’t accommodate a microSD card (!), why would Sandisk reduce options that were avaialble in the year-old Clip when you designing Sport software? How about including this option in the next s/w upgrade?

Unfortunately the chip in this player is more limited then the old players were. Genre wasn’t available for the clip sport either as it was removed in order to have other features so not likely to be here either. The work around would be to create folders for each genre and use the folder section on this player. 

I haven’t received my CSplus yet, but I’m organising the tags in my mp3 collection on the PC.

I’m using TagScanner, which creates playlists based on genre very easy, and it’ll be mostly how I’ll listen to my collection. So rather than a folder for each genre, would it be workable to dump all 4000 songs into the “Music” folder, and have many (say 15) playlists - one for each genre?

Can it handle 4000 songs in one folder?

And is there a limit to how many playlists it can accomodate?

2000 (+/-) song limit total on device.

Clip Sport Plus and voice support 4000 tracks. 

Clip Sport Plus and Clip Voice
4000 tracks Internal Memory only 

Marvellous what a good night’s sleep can do for your understanding of a problem!  I don’t think the idea of creating playlists by genre would work for me, as I would want to shuffle the tracks within that playlist, but SanDisk says I can only shuffle the entire music library on the device:

Quick Tips : Under artists, songs, playlists, and albums pressing “Shuffle List” will shuffle all
songs in music library, not just the songs under specific selected category of artists, songs,
playlists, or albums. In order to shuffle a single album, select one specific album title and
press select, then select Shuffle List.

So my new idea is to use the tag editor to select all the “Bluegrass” genre (for example) and edit their tags to show “Album” is “Bluegrass”. The downside would be the inability to select the original album, as that information will be deleted, but for my requirements, that’s not a big issue. As long as the player can accept that an “Album” can have maybe 1000 songs!

I have the Clip Sport (not the Plus) with a Firmware version from 2015.  I have been using Playlists and my CS can specifically shuffle songs within one Playlist. Just select one song to play within the Playlist and then press the Options/Scroll Down button. The 3rd entry in the Options Menu is Shuffle On/Off. This mode is different from the global shuffle command under Settings.

The exact same “Shuffle entire music library” warning you quoted from the Clip Sport Plus manual is also cited in the original Clip Sport manual.  I am wondering if this warning is simply an ancient “copy/paste” text entry from the original Firmware for the original Clip Sport (Feb. 2014). I think all of the instructions under “Playing Music” are identical for the two players in the two user manuals. I am guessing the CS+ will have the ability to shuffle songs within one Playlist

It will be helpful if an owner of the Clip Sport Plus can confirm the Shuffle command from the Options menu will shuffle songs within a playlist while playing one song from the playlist.


Thanks for that info. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll hang off destroying my “Album” entries for the time being, and I would certainly appreciate hearing from any CSplus owners re just shuffling songs within a specific playlist.

Otherwise, patience on my part until my player arrives, then I can start, well, playing with it!

@drlucky wrote:

Clip Sport Plus and voice support 4000 tracks. 


Clip Sport Plus and Clip Voice
4000 tracks Internal Memory only 

I stand corrected. :flushed:

Thanks Doc!

OK - I finally got my Clip Sport Plus, and yes, it can shuffle tracks within a single playlist.

In my case all my songs are in a folder on my Win7 laptop. I used TagScanner to sort my collection by genre. I then selected all songs of a specific genre (say, Bluegrass), and had TagScanner create a playlist from that subset, which I called “Bluegrass”. TagScanner saves this as “Bluegrass.m3u”. I repeated this for all genres, and ended up with about 20 playlists.

After copying the folder’s contents (mp3 and m3u files) to the “Music” folder on the CSplus, it’s now as simple as bringing up the “Playlist” option and selecting whichever playlist you want, which are named the same as my genres - Bluegrass, Rock, Folk or whatever.

So it’s a relatively simple way of getting my CSplus to do what I want, and which my Zen Vision M (and many other mp3 players) does natively.

Thanks to everyone who helped, and hope this in turn might help other users to “play by genre” on their CSplus.

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