Sandisk MP3 file convsersion

I own a Sandisk Clip Sport and have been trying to convert some Eboks I have from Epub to MP3 format. But it either claims the converted file is corrupted,or will only play about 1 second of the converted file. Would anyone know what’s going on here?

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Epub is a type of book format (similar to pdf). Epub format cannot be converted to an audio file (such as mp3). Sandisk mp3 players play audio files (such as mp3). They do not “play” book files (such as epub or pdf).

I thought so. I’ll have to invest in another player that can handle e-pub format.

It’s good of you to talk about it. I’ve been meaning to convert the book format. But probably it will be better to make an essay with the help of, which has helped me more than once. And usually gives a successful result.

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