Good afternoon all

I’m a self confessed novice with all things relating to computers and technology generally resulting in difficulties I’m having in loading and reading audio books on my Sansa Clip +. When I go through the menus on the ‘Clip’, there are references to playing such ‘books’ but no specific section as in ‘Radio FM’, ‘Voice’ etc.but when viewed on-line as plugged in to the computer, there is a home for dropping these files.

Is there an idiots guide to help me get this straight in my mind ?; the manual is almost silent on the matter!

Any help would be much appreciated

Click the Home button (upper right on the front of the Clip) and use the up or down arrows to go to Music. Then within Music click down to Audiobooks.

No,  Audiobooks aren’t Music.  But SanDisk had to put the category somewhere, I guess.