SanDisk is the best company ever

Both my creative zen stone plus and my sansa clip had to be returned under warranty, for different reasons (zen stone lost left audio channel, clip just died and wouldn’t power on).
Creative made me pay to ship it back, and sent me a used player, the case is all scratched up, it was obviously someone else’s return that was repaired. Who knows how much it was used before i got it, the battery could be really worn out. I wasn’t happy since mine was less than a month old, battery was still fresh.

SanDisk not only paid for a return shipping label to return it, they sent me a brand new unit, complete in an original retail box, with a new usb cable, headphones, the works.

Besides the clip being the superior device in every way, the treatment I received has ensured them a lifelong customer. Not to mention this great forum and the developers actually communicating with us, adopting suggestions, and actively updating the firmware regularly. You couldn’t ask for more.

I can’t wait to try out version .29, it was released while my clip was in limbo.

Thank you SanDisk!!

what a great post, I wish I could see more posts like this! maybe sandisk isn’t the best company but they do try hard.