"SanDisk has reverted back the firmware to 1.01.00" BUT HOW DO I GET IT?

SanDisk finally has reverted back the firmware to 1.01.00
But how do I get it? the Firmware Updater doesn’t help! it says that the latest firmware update is 1.01.05!
What should I do??

theres replies on how to rollback manually in other threads. the one thats 4 pages long has it, i dont remember the thread title

I thought there is something official…

I’m still looking into that as well. It seems the only official way to get it form sandisk would be to call and request it. The updater is going to be able to roll people back

the sansa updater won’t be able to roll u back if u have 1.01.15… best solution is to call support and they would be able to handle it. probably thru manual update.

What about getting the Hebrew version? I think it will solve the problem for me. How can I get it?
I think it doesn’t have the MSC problem…

Sorry to bother you… you appear knowledgeable on this subject.  Where can I find an actual site to download firmware?     model c250

Any help would be greatly appreciated.