How do I rollback to the old firmware?

How do I rollback to the old firmware? The new firmware has undermined the functionality of my c250; I cannot edit the contents of either the internal memory, nor the 2gb microSD drive, in either Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player.

If your firmware is 01.01.05 , you can. You have to open WMP 10+ before plugging your player in, click on SYNC tab and let the synchronization complete. Now open THIS COMPUTER > Sansa c200 and use it like in MSC mode. I was mad about it but now I found it better than that older firmware.

This doesn’t answer my question. I want to know how to rollback to the previous firmware. I need to be able to use my c250 as it was before. The new firmware has, effectively, ruined the device for me.

it doesnt ruin the device, i assure you. It just appears different, and different seems to bother some people.

You can email sandisk and ask them to email you previous firmware, or find it somewhere online

I mean only, that it ruined it ‘for me’. I stand by that. You don’t know the particulars of how I use the device, of how important the generic USB storage class is for MY needs. I shouldn’t be out of luck just because SanDisk can’t be bothered with informing its customers of the critical changes a firmware entails. That reflects a contempt for the user that is at least shortsighted if not actually foolhardy (SGI anyone?). I was able to rollback my firmware, thanks to another user on this forum, but NO thanks to SanDisk. I was a genuine fan of my c250, but after this…quite frankly I’d have a hard time recommending them.

thanks to sandisk this forum is around for users to post solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

out of curiosity, what couldnt you do with the latest firmware? what functionality was stripped away from you when they made it autodetect?

This was posted in the “Latest firmware update” thread by sansamonster…

ATTN: SanDisk has reverted back the firmware to 1.01.00 (as of 9/2/07)

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However, as far as trigger a new update rolling you back to this version, I couldn’t say…

Hi Soapscum, I understand the frustration you are going through. I have exactly the same problem. The good news is that I have a copy of V01.00.04_all.exe that was sent to me by the Australian support team. The problem I have however is that the updater won’t install it because it is not a new version. I have requested a work around and will let you know the outcome. If successful, I’ll post it up for you to collect.

As to How to roll back firmware, solution was posted by Andy in the DO NOT DOWNLOAD LAST FIRMWARE UPDATE!!! thread (third page)

But do it at your own risk. remember to choose the right firmware and version !!!

I rolled back to the wrong firmware 01.00.04 !!! which cause me to sweat with mp3 tags display problems.

But after using the sansa updater to update to the newest (reverted) 01.01.00 firmware. no problems now.

Pacificas/ Americas


Europe (with FM)



Hebrew (with FM)

Not too sure if the updater will allow an update from 01.01.05 back to 01.01.00. though, as mine is from 01.00.04 to 01.01.00 !!!

The Firmware Updater rolled you back?  If so, that is good news!  (Didn’t know if it would…)

Problem solved !!!

Here are all the firmware revisions (I recommend 01.00.04 or 01.01.00):

Extract the mi4, font and ROM files using 7z unzip (you’ll find it on the net) and copy the extracted files into the root folder of your device in MSC mode and then disconnect it from USB. It will “upgrade” (or downgrade if you wish). If MSC mode is missing, put the player into Recovery mode by switching the HOLD on and hold down the record button for a few seconds.

Be sure to pay attention to the region code.
SansaC200 A 1_00_03.7z

A is America.
E is Europe.

F is Europe with FM

P is for Pacific
… Not really sure about the rest.

Once completed, the USB>MSC mode will be restored !!!


I didn’t rollback my firmware using the updater.

Did it manually using the method that Andy posted before, That was before Sandisk reverted their Firmware.

From 01.01.05 to 01.00.04.

So when sandisk reverted the firmware, I use the updater to upgrade to 01.01.00.

01.00.04 firmware was causing some problems for me.

Now with the 01.01.00, everything back to normal as before.

Don’t think I’ll upgrade the firmware anymore, and save me from the headache these last few days.

of course, if they give us a c250 upgrade with Audible support AND LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE ALONE, I’ll be on board…

Even if they disable the MSC thingy BUT add Audible and MicroSDHC support I’ll download! For suuure! Hate that the first versions of the c200 don’t support them yet (or will never support = ~~~~~~~~~ )