Sandisk Fuze- strange voices

Hi there!

I am german, so first sorry because of my bad english :frowning:

Yeah…I just bought a sansa fuze, and i am happy with it :wink:

The sound ist okay, the display too ( just one dead pixel).

But every time i pull up(?) the volume, there’re some “cracking noises”, not all the time, but sometimes?

Is this normal?

Or could it be because of the software?

Ah, just another question:

Which of the cases would you recommend?

I don’t know which i should buy?


Be honest…is my english this bad? I will deal with the truth :frowning:

Make sure the headphone plug is completely inserted.  It takes more force than I originally expected.  I had a similar crackling sound at high volume and pushing the plug in completely solved the problem.

Your English is fine.  If you are describing the soft “bzzzt” when pressing the play button (after pausing), this sound is normal.  It is the headphone amplifier bringing the gain up to the correct level.

By ramping the gain down when paused, power is saved.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the replies.

But it’s not because of the “Start” of a song, it’s when i turn the volume.

The headphones are in the player …

Sometimes is “cracks” and sometimes it’s okay…but perhaps I have just got paranoia xD

Oh yeah, another question:

Is it wrong that i loaded the player at the computer for about 2 hours?

I think it was to long?


Again another question:

Does anyone know when the rockbox programm will be releast, i am looking forward to play doom :slight_smile:

File transfer time from the PC is dependent upon the file type.  If the files are DRM encrypted WMA, the files transfer much more slowly.  “Bare” MP3 files transfer much faster.

Rolling the scroll wheel, you will hear wee clicks as the gain stage is changed though the individual steps.  Whether it is audible will depend upon the overall music level.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for the reply!


I know I am getting on your nerves, but I have got again some question:

the dead pixels,  are they normal?

I don’t think it matters, but if all the other players are perfect, i feel bad^^

could you tell me i there are often this mistakes with the pixels?

oh yeah, 

and which case i should buy, or do i need one actually?

The LCD / TFT displays can have “dead pixels” on occasion, but this occurrence is pretty rare.  It’s an amazing thing, considering how many pixels there are in such a small package.

If the display is objectionable, you can exchange it for a new one, I would assume.  SanDisk warrants these devices for one year.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: