SanDisk Extreme USB drive cannot be removed on Win8

Hi, I am using a SanDisk Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 drive, and everytime I plugged it in my laptop(thinkpad t430 with Windows 8.1 Pro X64), and tried to remove it after usage, the OS keeps saying that the device can not be removed and there is some other programs are accessing it. But there is none, so how to solve this problem. I have tried the USB drive on Windows7 Pro X64 without such problem.


:smiley:  Hello!

Please, make a backup of the contents of the UFD, then:

1 - Turn off the PC.
2 - Remove the UFD.
3 - Restart the PC.
4 - Download CCleaner (free,, there portable version x64).
5 - The CCleaner pass (cleaning and register) to the PC.
6 - Enjoy.

Regards, Alfred.  (Google Traduce).