Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 - not visible in boot menu


I just purchased one of Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 drives to use it with Linux live or from time to time install Windows on laptops that does not have dvd drive. I have few pendrives already but none of the is as fast as this one so I thought it will save lots of time but… at the moment it took too much of my time to figure it out how to make it bootable. I use Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool or  Universal-USB-Installer- that works everytime with other pendrives but not this one.

I even tried to restore image of other usb to this one with USB_it tool so both are exactly the same but only other one will boot fine  where Extreme 3.0  is not even visible in bios boot menu.

I noticed that blue led light on the drive does not blink during bios post just only when it is too late.

Any ideas?  


Any ideas?  

Not sure what you have done to the drive at this point but check out these ideas.

  1. Read this thread starting at this posting.

  1. Try Easy2Boot to make the drive bootable.

Hi, try Unetbootin too. It’s what I use to make a flash drive bootable. Good luck.