Extreme USB 3.0 not booting Linux + locked Ultra USB 3.0

I buy a lot of Extreme USB Flash drives for experimenting operating systems.

All Extreme USB 3.0 Flash drives I bought so far can install and boot Linux with Grub with no problem.

The last one I bought cannot. When I install Linux to it, I just get the message


Is this a defect? because all other USB’s I have can install, some are fixed drives (I was lucky to get a few of those).

The other problem was with a Ultra one which I complained in the past via ONLINE RMA SUBMISSION [Incident: 151102-000037]

The Ultra Drive got locked when there was a power outage while transferring files, and I couldn’t recover it, it’s write protected.

Why doesn’t Sandisk provide a tool to unlock read only drives? instead of having to go through the pain of an RMA?

So you are installing a random version of Linux to the drive using an undisclosed OS and something displays a msg stating “Error”.  hmmmm  And this sounds like a hardware error to you.  hmmmmm

Well, you could try it in a different port, a different machine, use a different OS or send it back for a replacement.

As for fixing read only drives, not enough people have the equipment to open the case without breaking it and soldering in a replacement chip so replacing the drive seems an easier solution. 


Thanks, I finally managed to install Android using EFI instead on that Extreme.

As for locked drives into read only, this was a feature to supposedly protect the drive, they should provide a firmware resetter, with other drives, using an HP utility does the job on many usb flash disks (2.0 or 3.0), not for this sandisk ultra though.