SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1 Format to NTFS


I recently purchased a SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1 memory stick and it is formatted to exFAT. We have some older Windows 2000 computers I need to copy data from as well as some Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. Will the write/read performance be affected and will the life of the USB Extreme Pro 3.1 be shortened if I format it to NTFS on one of the Windows 7 computers?

Thanks in advance


Yes.  NTFS is a journeling system and therefore increases the writes to a drive.  There is no advantage to using it on an exFAT flash drive. Windows7 and 10 support exFAT, I don’t know about Windows 2000.  If it doesn’t there may be a utility that would add that support to it.

For Windows 2000 this link may help you.

I appreciate the information you provided. Unfortunatly it appears there is no way to use my new Extreme Pro USB 3.1 on the Windows 2000 computers I am required to support. I will re-format the USB stick to NTFS and when the USB stick ceases to function, will purchase another. Formatting to regular FAT 32 will not work either because I am required to copy Windows 2000 backup files from the computers as well.

Please, can you check the SMART infos of your USB key ?

I do report in another post a SEVERE abnomaly about the Remaining Life, the Temp, etc…

I found this forum as I had an error using my sandisk to hold a hyper-v disk - I had to format as ntfs to run a vm from the usb drive - all worked fine after formatting it and moving a fresh copy of the vm hard drive to the drive

exFAT supports large files also and without the overhead of journaling.  Did you try it mattmoses?