SanDisk Extreme Pro 4 TB reformatting stuck on "Waiting for partitions to activate" on Mac running Ventura

New SanDisk Extreme Pro 4 TB. I reformatted the drive for Mac using APFS with GUID Partition Map. Copied about 400 gigs of data to the drive including a lot of jpeg backups of photos. Everything seemed to go fine.

A day later, I checked the drive and weirdly, a lot of the jpeg photos were corrupted. Most would open but the photo itself was either distorted or part of the photo was just blanked out. Ran disk utility and at first it quit saying that the drive could not be unmounted. I had to force quit the drive because it would not unmount. After force quitting, ran first aid on the drive and it said the drive could not be repaired and recommended that I back up the data. I tried to reformat the drive and got stuck with “waiting for partitions to activate.” Had to force quite after a few hours. Now the drive shows up as uninitialized but disk utility can’t run first aid, and can’t erase and reformat.

Out of curiosity, I tried to repeat my backup process with a second new SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD. I’ve gotten to a similar place. Now I seem to have two new SSD drives that disk first aid can’t mount, run first aid on, or erase/reformat. Is there some problem with the new 4 TB Extreme Pro drives with Ventura? I am at a loss about what to do next. I don’t need to recover the data on the drives since I was trying to do backups, but now neither drive is functioning.

Hi @TooManyBrinks,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: