Sandisk extreme pro 1tb slow with type c USB 3.2 gen 1

Hi guys i bought this week an extreme pro with 1tb.
I connected to the type c ( usb 3.2 gen 2 thunderbolt 3 40gbs) usb of my hp omen dc1019nl, but the write/read speed is only 400 mbps. I tried also on the normal usb and it is the same 400mbs. It is like on the type c port it works like normal usb.
What i could do?

you are not alone.
I tested my new extreme pro 2tb with the original Type-C to A cable numerous times and had very disappointing results topping only around 460mb/s (connect to USB 3.1 gen2 port on gigabyte aero15).
I wonder if thunderbolt connection is required to get up to 1050mb/s?

Have you tried to update the computer driver? Maybe this is the problem.